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Meet the Pro Team

In SWAP, we view everyone as "elite," independent of an athlete's background, pace, or goals. SWAP's elite athletes range from runners doing their first 5k to some that have won the biggest races in the world. 

This page has a sample of some of the fastest athletes on the team and their race results to illustrate that the methodology works. But the SWAP team is made up of runners of all abilities and ages, all with a unifying goal to love the process and to live like a puppy while doing it. 

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Megan Roche

(coached by David)

5-time national champion, 6-time member of Team USA, 2016 US Trail Runner of the Year 

David Roche

(coached by Megan

2-time national champion, 3-time member of Team USA

Matt Daniels

Black Canyon 100k winner, 3-time US Mountain Running Team member, Western States 100 4th, OTQ marathon

Clare Gallagher

Western States 100 winner Leadville 100 winner, CCC winner, Way Too Cool 50k winner

Jason Schlarb

Hardrock 100 winner, 2-time Run Rabbit Run 100 winner, UTMB 4th

Amelia Boone

Spartan Race world champion, World's Toughest Mudder winner, SOB 100k 2nd

Zachary Ornelas

3-time national champion, American River 50 winner, 2018 US Trail Team, US Mountain Running Team member, OTQ marathon, 2:50 50k

Keely Henninger

2-time Transrockies winner, Chuckanut 50k winner, Lake Sonoma 50 winner, CCC 4th place, US 50 Mile National Champion

Hayden Hawks

CCC winner, Speedgoat 50k winner, Chuckanut 50k winner, Lavaredo 120k winner

Ashley Brasovan

2-time national champion, Moab Red Hot 33k CR, 8th at Trail World Champs

Liza Howard

Leadville 100 winner, 4-time national champion, Team USA for World 100k Champs

Bethany Lewis

Bear 100 winner, Wasatch 100 winner, Speedgoat 50k winner

Shelley Doucet

World Trail Champs top-10, multiple-time Team Canada, 2:38 marathon PR

John Kelly

Barkley Marathons finisher, TWOT 100 course record

Tyler Sigl

3-time national champion, 2-time member of Team USA, Ultra Race of Champions winner

Sarah Keyes

2016 US Skyrunning ultra champion, Ultra Trail Harricana 125k winner 

Abby Levene

Dirty 30 50k winner, North Face 50k winner

Scott Trummer

American River 50 winner, Way Too Cool 50k 3rd, US 50k 4th

Meg Mackensie

Golden Trail Series finalist, South African Trail Champion, Otter Trail Run winner

Tayte Pollmann

Bronze medalist at World Long Distance Mountain Running Champs, Broken Arrow Skyrace 52k winner

Heather Hoescht

US 50 Mile national champion, North Face NY 50 winner

Sarah Pizzo

Team USA 2018, US Skyrunning Sky Champion, Backcountry Rise 50k winner

Tyler Fox

Bear 100 winner, Never Summer 100k winner

Trevor Fuchs

2-time Wasatch 100 winner, HURT 100 2nd

Shawn Bearden

Science of Ultra founder and top coach

Olin Berger

2018 Team USA, 2-time White River 50 winner

Jenny Capel

American River 50 winner, 3-time San Diego 100 winner, 2-time Western States 100 top-10

Yvonne Naughton

Team Ireland Trail World Champs 2018, Team Ireland for 24-hour World Championships, Bighorn 100 winner, Wicklow Way 100 winner

Kathryn Drew

Canyons 100k winner, Chuckanut 50k winner, Western States 100 top-10, Multiple-time Team Canada

Candice Burt

Ultra Fiord 100 winner, West Australia 200 winner, HURT 100 2nd, Tahoe Rim Trail 100 2nd, Wonderland Trail FKT

Kathryn Ross

Power of Four 50k winner, US Skyrunning champion

Nicole Mericle

2-time OCR World Champion

Liz Canty

Pinhoti 100 winner, Barkley Fall Classic winner, Bear 100 3rd

Kirsty Jahn

2-time Ironman Champion

Charlotte Paul

2-time Ironman Champion

Katie Arnold

Leadville 100 winner, Jemez Mountain 50 winner

Ben Robinson

UROC 50k winner, US Trail Half Champs 2nd, US Skyrunning Team 2018

Patrick Caron

Pineland Farms 50 Mile winner, USATF NE 50k winner, 13:50 100-mile

Amy Rusiecki

Grindstone 100 winner, US Snowshoe Marathon champ, multiple-time top-10 Ultra Runner of the Year

Jade De La Rosa

Oriflamme 50k winner, The Peak Marathon overall winner

Brandon Miller

Canadian Death Race winner, Diez Vista 100k winner

Emily Richards

Headlands 50k winner, UTMB top-10

Julie Watts

Kodiak 50 Miler winner

Anita Ortiz

Western States 100 winner, Pikes Peak Marathon winner

Katie Asmuth

Zion 100k winner, Angeles Crest 100 Miler 2nd

David Stango

North Face 50 MA winner

Mark Doyle

Team Ireland at World Trail Championships, Wicklow Way 100 winner

Steve Tucker

North Face 50 DC winner

Ellie Fox

Devil on the Divide 50k winner, Cloudsplitter 100k overall winner

Leah Yingling

Grand Traverse 40 Miler CR, Beaverhead 50k winner, Squaw Peak 50 Mile winner, Bear 100 2nd

Jonnah Perkins

Sean O'Brien 50 Mile winner

Scotty Hawker

Ultra Trail Cape Town 3rd, World Championships qualifier

Christin Doneski

2-time trail running master's national champion, multiple-time New England Road Runner of the Year

Kassandra Marin

TNF MA 50 Mile winner

Patricia Franco

Mt. Whitney FKT

Drew Macomber

Rio Del Lago 100 winner, Lake Sonoma 50 5th

Courtney Schwartz

Harriman 50k CR

Britta Clark

Under Armour 50k winner, Catamount 50k winner

Arden Young

Sinister 7 100 Miler winner, Lost Soul 100k winner

Leah Ling

Bel Monte 50 winner, White River 50 3rd, Mountain Masochist 50 2nd

Kris Mendoza

World's Toughest Mudder champion

Corinne Shalvoy

Indian Creek 55k win and CR, UROC 50k winner

Allison Baca

Leadville Silver Rush 50 winner

Sarah Burke

Quicksilver 50k winner, Woodside 50k winner

Tim Rabone

Team New Zealand for Trail World Champs

Marisa Ryan

33:47 10k, 2:43 marathon, Eugene Marathon winner

Ethan Newberry & Kim Teshima Newberry

Ginger Runner community leaders 

Tara Berry

Fat Dog 120 2nd, Deception Pass 50k winner

TJ David

US Skyrunning Ultra Champion

Laura Cortez

Dead Horse 50k winner, Stumptown 50k winner

Julie Leasure

Beacon Rock 50k 2nd, Autumn Leaves 50k winner

Bret Scofield

Top American at Bay to Breakers road race

Nu Ma

Castle Peak 100k winner, Napa Valley 50k winner

Pamela Ross

Santa Cruz Trail Run CR

Russ Kalbach

Bel Monte 50 winner

Beau Langevin

Riverlands 100 CR

Julie Olsen-Smith

Ridgeline 50k winer

Mandie Holmes

Quicksilver 100k winner

Taylor Maltz

Heat Race 50k winner

Michelle Pratt

Superior 50k winner, North Face Half winner

Sarah Bunting Lamos

Behind the Rocks 50k winner, Canyons 100k 2nd, Leadville 100 5th

Anna Evans

Iron Mountain 50 Miler 2nd, Mountain Masochist 50 3rd, Old Glory 50k winner, Hellgate 100k winner

Laura Pryor

Berkeley Trail Adventure winner

Grace Fisher

Yeti 100 overall winner

Anne Cottrell

Skyline to Sea 50k winner

Arthur Whitehead

Silverton Ultra winner

Ellen Kenney

Ray Miller 50 Miler 2nd, Leona Divide 50 Miler winner

Johanna Ohm

Boulder Beast winer, Woodside 50k winner

Remi Delille

Ohlone 50k 2nd, Berkeley Trail Adventure 50k winner

Makiko Yamashita

Napa Valley 20 Miler winner, Quicksilver 100k 3rd

Nicole Meyer

Pacifica Trail Race CR

Danielle Snyder

Elkhorn Crest 53 Miler 3rd

Colleen MacDonald

Kettle Morraine 100k 2nd

Michael Fang

Pasadena Trail Race winner

Liza Ershova

Istria 108k winner

Max Darnell

Peak 35k winner

Mark Tatum

Multiple-time USATF age-group national champion, Dipsea Race 3rd

Josh Fields

Bear Brook Half Marathon winner

Drew Holmen

Quicksilver 50k winner, Way Too Cool 50k 4th

Nikki Buurma

Sunflower Marathon CR, Lake Sonoma 50 top-10

Brianna Grigsby

Flagstaff Sky Peaks 50k winner, San Tan Scramble 50k winner

Stacey Cleveland

Sun Mountain 50 Miler winner

This is just a sampling of the SWAP team, which includes all types of enthusiastic adventurers, including people just starting running for the first time.

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