SWAP Coaching Philosophy


The Approach

The best place to start if you are on the fence is this interview on Science of Ultra that goes into the details of training methodology:  


And this podcast on the Rambling Runner that details how unconditional support and belief work in SWAP


The Little Things

SWAP training methodology is all about improving running economy, making faster and stronger running feel easier over time. We want athletes to breakthrough to new levels through speed, whether they're long-time pros or people exploring the speed skill for the first time.

For a breakdown of training minutae, check out these written interviews conducted with Coach David by SWAP athlete (and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year) Andrew Skurka:


The Big Things

SWAP has had success over the years because of our main coaching emphases:

1. We are here for unconditional support, not just running coaching.
2. All we care about is long-term fulfillment. 

3. Every athlete is "elite," pace and distance don't matter.
4. Consistency and joyful daily adventures are what lead to long-term health and happiness. We have built up an active online SWAP community that will be even more important than coaching in some cases, since your teammates will become your friends, confidants, and partners-in-crime.